Book of Results - Selo UNICEF - 2013-2016 Edition

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These results record the legacy of the UNICEF Seal – 2013-2016 Edition, which has benefited from the participation of 1,745 municipalities throughout 19 states of the Brazilian Legal Amazon and the Semi-Arid regions. This legacy is not limited exclusively to the 504 municipalities that have achieved the most in reducing the inequalities that afflict children and adolescents, thereby gaining the UNICEF Seal at the end of the cycle. It goes much further: it is possible to identify significant results for all the municipalities that participated in at least part of this edition. This includes concrete results and successful experiences related to the civil registry of newborns, care during Early Childhood, access to and attendance at school, prevention of child labor and violence, encouragement of social participation for adolescents, access to educational sport and much more.

To be familiar with these stories and experiences, perhaps there is nothing better than hearing directly from those who have participated: the people in their municipalities. These results unite reports, testimonies and stories from mayors, secretariats, and municipal and state administrators, as well as children and adolescents. They, ultimately, are the key players in this story and have rightly made the UNICEF Seal a reality. There are also registers, indicators, examples of good practices and many tips to inspire other municipal, state and community administrative teams to ensure the rights of children and adolescents enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and ratified by Brazil in the form of the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA).

Other key figures are the thousands of individual donors and private sector partners, without whom the initiative could never have progressed so far. UNICEF is particularly grateful to Celpa, Cemar and Energisa, in the Amazon region, and Coelba, Celpe, Cosern, Enel, Fundação Telefônica and Petrobrás in the Semi-Arid region. Unquestionably, they are also part of these results and their inspiring stories.

This publication is, therefore, the consolidated experience of two territories and goes into more individual detail for each: The Amazon and Semi-Arid regions of Brazil, with their particularities and challenges that sometimes require different and innovative approaches to reach children and adolescents who are most in need of public policies.

It is intended for all who are interested in the rights of our children and who can and will do even more to make life better for them. We hope this knowledge can inspire many more people to this cause.

Book of Results - Selo UNICEF - 2013-2016 Edition

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